I have not been feeling well for about a week.  My posts have been less in this last while because of that.

I forgot to tell you Victoria.  One day out of the blue I had the most profound insight ever.  I found a way to work “kitten” into your last name.  I couldn’t believe […]

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Again, I Miss…

Saying good night to you.  I wonder if you miss me at all?  You said you did, but if you truly did, why would you allow circumstances to exist as they are?  It’s one of the hardest facts for me to accept, that you may not miss me at all.  Your actions certainly indicate […]

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I want to hear you meow.  Badly.

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I don’t like that word, goal.

My intention, my interest, is how to be as positive as meaningfully possible.  I look at why I have struggled having complete conviction in my teachers.  The price of entry is high.  The highest.  Everything you put at their feet.  And whatever happens, you have to think positively about […]

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You Are Beautiful

You really are.  I don’t regret meeting you.  I don’t like how you handled things.  It’s not what I deserved.  As always, the hardest thing for me now is that someone who is so special to me is not part of my life.  Do you understand that?  Maybe I am the one doing you […]

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You Have Been Through So Much

I still remember some of those first emails you sent to me, explaining how things are for you.  I cherished those so much.  They were so sincere and heart felt.

You have been through so much.  I wish I knew how you were.  I almost wrote to you again today.

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Elaboration On A Previous Post

In the waking state, the husband, the wife, the king, and queen, are all as false as in a dream. The one who understands this well, is the Incarnation of the Incarnation. He himself is God. The Scriptures, the Vedas, you, I, all are only a myth. This world is a dream. One who […]



“The highest form of human intelligence is to observe yourself without judgement.”

Jiddu Krishnamurti


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