Inward Mind #2

Question: But will not this experience come to everyone?

Answer: If one becomes inward-turned instead of remaining externalized, this experience will come for everyone.

Commentary: I declare: ‘If their minds are directed inwards, attending to the light [the Self], and do not become outward turned, all those upon this earth are capable of seeing the Self, […]


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Per Westin

“Non-attachment does not mean indifference; love does not mean attachment; attachment is that which takes; love is that which gives.”


I almost messaged you again.  So close.  I want to so much.  When I get close, this voice comes in and tells me that if I write to you again then it will be like every other time.  And that I can only see what I mean to you if you are truly free.  […]

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Inward Mind

There is no other way to succeed than to draw the mind back every time it turns outwards; and, fix it in the SELF. There is no need for meditation or mantra or japa or dhyana or anything of the sort, because these are our real nature. All that is needed is to give […]

Wanting Something

You people come here wanting something. What you want may be knowledge with a capital ‘K’ – the highest Truth – but nonetheless you do want something. Most of you have been coming here for quite some time. Why ? If there had been apperception of what I have been saying, you should have […]

Fuck You

Fuck you Victoria.  Fuck you.  I miss you so so much extra today.

I dedicate this song to you:

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I have not been feeling well for about a week.  My posts have been less in this last while because of that.

I forgot to tell you Victoria.  One day out of the blue I had the most profound insight ever.  I found a way to work “kitten” into your last name.  I couldn’t believe […]

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Again, I Miss…

Saying good night to you.  I wonder if you miss me at all?  You said you did, but if you truly did, why would you allow circumstances to exist as they are?  It’s one of the hardest facts for me to accept, that you may not miss me at all.  Your actions certainly indicate […]

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I want to hear you meow.  Badly.

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